Installation and service

Apex Service Ltd. has at your disposition mobile teams who can install any storage system and promptly handle replacement and repair of damaged parts in accordance with the warranty terms stipulated in the contract. This enables our customer to keep on their normal course of work or at least resume it in the shortest time possible without incurring any losses.

Apex Service Ltd. is counting on highly qualified and much experienced technicians and assemblers to ensure a comprehensive technical service and support on site. Our specialized department for installation and technical services provides prompt and professional services for installation of the storage systems, which guarantees the warehouse staff safety and lowers the losses resulting from improper use and operation. Our customers can count on our specialized department for installation and technical services for fast, reliable and pain-free handling and managing of any emergency situation occurring as a result of damages caused by running machines hitting the storage system.

We are here to help you if you need to reorganize your storage system or to move to another warehouse.

Please, do not hesitate to call us!

We are going to help you find a pain-free and thorough solution for your warehouse.