Mobile storage system

The mobile storage system /manufactured exclusively by KIMER/ is a compact archiving system on a mobile base, allowing maximal utilization of available space. The mobile shelves are very useful when the storage space needs to be optimized but not by making several aisles in order to reach the position desired. There is only one access aisle between the different modules of the system. The modules are removed manually on rails placed on the floor so as to form a new aisle. The only thing that needs to be done is to identify the exact point and to form the passageway accordingly. This optimizes the available space and at the same time it guarantees that the archives will be kept well arranged and safe from fire or flood. This system can be easily adapted to any room and used for storing all types of documents, books, technical archives, etc.


  • Reduction of the needed storage space
  • Maximal storage capacity
  • Boltless connection of the metal shelves
  • The first loading platform for mobile sills is 100 mm. high