Стандартна палетна стелажна система

Medium to heavy loads

This is a storage system for medium to heavy loads – it can be used in any warehouse where items are handled manually and pallets are not used. To save storage space this system combines different types of storage racking systems. It is most suitable for large supermarkets, distribution facilities, wholesale warehouses and archive repositories. Its variability of level positioning is accomplished by the possibility to rearrange the sills which have been designed to accustom medium loading capacity. The positioning of levels is made by arranging the height of sills. This system allows for fast and easy installation. A number of additional accessories such as metal racks, partition walls, meshed panels and other ensure the system multi-functionality. Items are stored from the floor or at height from the aisles between the racks.
We have a unique supporting system made of wood particleboards, which goes well with the sill interior look and allows the metal racks or wood particleboards to be at the same level with the sills.


  • It is made of cold rolled steel
  • The top coating is made of powder painting on epoxy polyester base
  • Access from the warehouse zero /floor/ level
  • Best solution for manual stacking

Medium to heavy loads

The system is made of the following basic components:

  1. Frame
  2. Sills
  3. Z-shaped beams
  4. Electroplated panel for picking shelves
  5. Shelves made of wood particleboard
  6. Safety pin
  7. Shelves support
  8. Support planks
  9. Frame plank